UVpro FM and FMD – The Flange Modules

The UVpro FMD series allow installations of UVpro tubes on vessel walls and air conditioning ducts. The three-hole flange is mounted with a seal on the outside of the field of applications and the UVC tube gets inserted through a 27 mm hole in the air duct or water tank. There are therefore no mechanical assemblies directly in the tubes. Maintenance is performed on the outside as well. Alternatively, the UVpro FMD can also be used as a double emitter. The electronic ballast is located encased in the stainless steel square tube and it is waterproof by IP protection class 68. The two retaining plates allow easy mounting with two mounting screws. 

  • Easy and quick installation in existing air conditioning ducts as well
  • Suitable for humid rooms and protected from splash water (IP 68)
  • Also effective at low temperatures with the UVpro thermal tubes
  • All assemblies are made of stainless steel
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