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UVpro WDO – Open wall and ceiling radiator

The UVpro emitters of the WDO series are used in laboratories, doctor’s offices, and production rooms as disinfection units for ceiling or wall mounting. This free radiating device can only be used in rooms where no people are present or during off hours. With radiation at an angle of 270° you can reach the air and all directly irradiated surfaces in the room. The UVpro WDO can also be suspended from the ceiling and mounted in the center of the room or laboratory. The device is made of stainless steel and plastic and available in three different lengths.

Assembly in combination with a presence detector or a door switch is recommended. 
  • Usable as a ceiling or wall emitter or suspended emitter
  • Action with 270° opening angle
  • Both with regular tube (N) and as thermal tube (K)
  • The WDO is available in three sizes
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