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UVpro V 500 – Ventilating air disinfection unit

The device that is suitable for damp areas disinfects up to 500 m³ air per hour with an average dose of 16 mJ/cm². Its hygienic design with no external cables and construction elements prevents germ deposits and germ nests. The V500 can be disassembled quickly and easily for cleaning or maintenance purposes without having to use any tools. Through special thermo-tubes, we are able to guarantee maximum UVC output even at temperatures below 0° C.

  • For production and ripening rooms, stockrooms, and refrigerated warehouses
  • Designed for temperature ranges between -10 to + 50° C
  • Very high UVC dose per cycle through optimized vortex technology
  • Even deactivates resistant mould spores
  • Two ventilation levels for different air qualities
  • Non-corrosive reflector
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