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UVpro V 300 – Ventilating air disinfection unit

The device that is suitable for damp areas disinfects up to 300 m³ of air per hour with an average dose of over 12 mJ/cm². With its simple but highly efficient design, the V300 is the ideal air recirculation unit for industrial use in the mid-price range. Two thermal tubes ensure high UVC doses even in refrigerated warehouses and ensure a germ-free atmosphere. The V300 can be disassembled quickly and easily for cleaning or maintenance purposes without having to use any tools. The device is made entirely of a stainless steel, except for the aluminium reflector and wiring. Work safety is ensured with special vision protection grids.

  • For small and medium production facilities and refrigerated warehouses
  • Designed for temperature ranges between -10 to + 50° C
  • High UVC dose per cycle through optimised vortex technology
  • Performance of 300 m³/h with 12 mJ/cm²
  • Equipped with a non-corrosive reflector
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