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UVpro TS - Immersion emitter for humidifiers

Immersion emitters are proven modules for compliance with VDI 6022 in humidifiers and cooling towers. The UVpro TS’s get placed directly into the return tank of the building ventilation systems and disinfect the water and the vessel’s interior walls. Thus, microorganisms flushed from the air are effectively killed and the formation of biofilms is prevented. The UVpro TS series is IP68 compliant and manufactured entirely of stainless steel. Silicones are omitted during production in order to be able to utilize the UVpro TS in painting facilities. Its paint compatibility has been confirmed in a study by the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation.

  • For water reservoirs in humidifiers, air washers, and cooling towers
  • Easy installation directly in the tank
  • Available for painting facilities without silicone components with test certificate from the Fraunhofer Institute
  • Available in various lengths and performance levels
  • High quality, special cables, fully encapsulated electronics, IP68
  • Monitoring is available through CU-1 modules or UVCline with an interface to building services systems
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