UVpro LKE - Disinfection module for cooling installations

The air cooler installation kits, LKE, from UVpro are preassembled disinfector units for quick installation in industrial air coolers. The system comes complete with two UVpro emitters, a double ballast, and a mounting system made of stainless steel. Due to the positioning of the UVC unit in front of the cooling fins of the air cooler, they remain free of biofilms and are therefore hygienic. Condensed water is drained off and the cooling load is maintained. The prescribed maintenance intervals of the air cooler are reduced to a visual check and the usual cleaning intervals are significantly extended. Optionally, the LKE can be monitored with the CU-1 modules or UVC-line and integrated into the building services system.

  • Suitable for all hygiene coolers
  • Mountable with two retaining screws directly in the air cooler
  • Operating range from -10° C to + 50° C
  • Function monitoring available with UVpro CU1 or UVC-Line modules
  • Teflon splinter protection according to HACCP and IFS
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